Prayer Requests

The following people have been submitted as Prayer Requests.
​We'd ask that you remember them in your prayers. ​​

Updated November 27, 2021

  • Essential Workers

  • Ethan

  • Family and Friends of Jayra

  • Family and Friends of Helen

  • Kim

  • Nurses

  • ​Teachers & School Staff

For Pastoral Support please email Pastor Bradley Klug:


Visit Pastor Bradley Klug at the PGUCC Church after service on Sunday or

on the Third or Fourth Tuesday from 10 am to 11am.


Please enter the first name of the person to be prayed for and use the check boxes to indicate of it is a Joy or Concern. 

*Please do not enter any personal or health information for that individual. *

*The confidentiality of that information cannot be guaranteed.*

PGUCC will pray for your Loved One.