A Household of Faith, A Landmark of Service: Established in 1834

Here are some details about the Missions we currently support.

Here are some details about the specific Missions that we supported in 2020.

Parma Greece United Church of Christ  has a long history of supporting a wide range of missions. The congregation is a family that supports each mission opportunity that is proposed, some new and some long standing.    We contribute our time, talents and treasures to mission opportunities in Hilton and Greece as well as the global community.  These mission opportunities range from local missions, like the Hilton Emergency Foodshelf and the Salem Nutrition Center to wider church missions, like the Church World Service (CWS) CROP Walk and the United Church of Christ Our Church's Wider Church Mission (OCWM). 


A "5-for-5 congregation" is one that gives to Our Church's Wider Mission (OCWM)  through its church budget, while also providing parishioners the opportunity to participate in each of OCWM's four special mission offerings received during the year—One Great Hour of Sharing, Neighbors in Need, Strengthen the Church and the Christmas Fund. Of the over 4,900 churches in the UCC, about 33% (in 2018) are "5 for 5" churches. Parma Greece UCC is proud to be a longtime “5 For 5 congregation". 

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