The History of Parma Greece United Church of Christ


From the Parma Greece Church Book of Church Record, Book One:

At a meeting of the Brethren and sisters friendly to liberal Christianity convened at the schoolhouse in school dist Number 7 Parma, Elder Joel Doubleday and Elder Wm Blake of Clarkson were present.  After each person present had expressed their feelings and Christian experience the following persons agreed to walk together in the bonds of Christian love and union taking the scriptures of truth for their only rule of faith and practice and we pray that God be with us.   
Names of members
     James B. Deyo                 Peter S. Olmsted           Joseph Hooper
     Samuel D. Deyo               Betsy Ann Wisner          Mary Deyo
     Peter Wisner                    Elizabeth Chase             Ruth Deyo
     James Chase                    Robey Hicks                   Sarah Hubbard
     Isaac Chase, Jr.                 Lucy Chase
After which Isaac Chase Jr. was chosen Clerk of said Society.
Isaac Chase Jr.
Church Clerk
Parma Aug 23, 1834
….and so We began, over 187 years ago.
186 Years and Still Creating History!

Additional Church Milestones

1834   Parma Greece Church was born on August 23 with 14 charter members that met in a little red school house
          on Burritt Road.  They took the Scripture of Truth for their only rule of faith and practice.

1841   In April, Sunday School was organized

1843   Since attendance had increased over the years, the group incorporated and adopted the name “Christ
          Church of Parma and Greece”.

1844   Isaac Chase donated land and a chapel was erected at the site of the present church.  It was called
          “Cobblestone Church”.

1845   The Cobblestone Church was dedicated,  In June, membership was up to 111.

1903   The Cobblestone Church was torn down and the present structure was built on the very same foundation
           as the Cobblestone Church.  The windows of the Cobblestone Church were put in the nave of the
           sanctuary. On November 22, “Parma and Greece Christian Church” was dedicated

1957   Sunday School facilities and the Fellowship Hall were completed.  The new facilities also provided child
           and crib care and a modern kitchen.  The facility was dedicated on October 20.  The Congregational
           Christian Churches and the Evangelical and Reformed Churches merged to form the United Church of
​            Christ.  We became Parma Greece United Church of Christ.

2009   Celebrated 175th Anniversary


To celebrate our 175th Anniversary

Jean Becker and Donna Crowley coordinated this quilt project

to honor our Founding Families who set the example of

dedication and caring for the surrounding community that this

Congregation has continued to the present day.